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SBFC Vocabulary

Description: Shea Butter Football Club vocabulary to expand and heighten the SBFC podcast experience and bring some culture to the beautiful game of soccer.

Vocabulary Terms:

  • Shea Butter FC Delegation (or Delegate) – Black players in WoSo (cis women and non-men). This includes players in the National Women’s Soccer League and all women’s soccer globally. **All of the following vocabulary only applies to members of the SBFC Delegation**
  • Shea Butter Bomb – a classic goal or finish
  • Shea Butter Boom – a goal scored with authority
  • Shea Butter Bombaço – a finish by a Brazilian/Portuguese Delegate
  • Shea Butter Dunk – a header or tap-in finish 
  • Shea Butter Banks – a penalty kick finish
  • Shea Butter Baby – a debut goal
  • Shea Butter Brace – two goals scored by a single Delegate
  • Shea Butter Hattrick – three goals scored by a single Delegate
  • Work in Swag Surf – When Delegates work together to score and/or assist multiple goals in a single game.
  • Shea Butter Dime – an assist for a goal 
  • Shea Butter Olympico – a Delegate assist off a set piece
  • Shea Butter Brick – a defensive stop, especially by a defender
  • Shea Butter Scurry – Inspired by the legend herself, Briana Scurry, this moment is when a Delegate GK makes an incredible save.
  • Shea Butter And 1 – a move or sequences of moves that are show stopping and similar to And1 mixtape clips (Wiki page on And1: )
  • Shea Butter Heat Check – When the Delegation makes it clear they need respect on the pitch, typically in 1-v-1 (single defender defending them) or 1-v-multiple players. 
  • Shea Butter Mic Check – When a Delegate attempts a ridiculous shot, typically from distance.
  • Shea Butter Furniture Movin’ – The spirited and heated interactions between Delegates on the pitch.
  • Shea Butter Stuntin’ – Delegates all over the pitch that deserve mad respect! The unsung heroes of the game.
  • Shea Butter Get Ya Fits Right – Fashion, including clothes and accessories, worn by members of the delegation.
  • Shea Butter FC Squad – Anyone who supports SBFC and members of the SBFC Delegation.

Superlatives of the Week, Month and Year Categories Descriptions

  • Shea Butter Bomb – Best classic finish, typically from inside the 18 yard box.
  • Shea Butter Boom – Best goal with authority, typically from distance or an impossible angle.
  • Shea Butter Bombaço – Best finish by a Brazilian/Portuguese Delegate.
  • Shea Butter Dunk – Best header or tap-in finish
  • Shea Butter Banks – Best penalty kick
  • Shea Butter Brace – Best brace of the week
  • Shea Butter Hattrick – Best hattrick of the week
  • Work in Swag Surf – Best teamwork between two or more Delegates.
  • Shea Butter Dime – Best assist
  • Shea Butter Olympico – Best Delegate assist off a set piece.
  • Shea Butter Brick – Best defensive moment and performance
  • Shea Butter Scurry – Best save of the week and performance
  • Shea Butter And 1 – Best show stopping move and highlight reel clip moments
  • Shea Butter Heat Check – Best single defender 1-v-1 or 1-v-mutiple player moves
  • Shea Butter Mic Check – Best long range/ridiculous shot on goal 
  • Shea Butter Furniture Movin’ – Best intense interaction between members of the Delegation from opposing teams
  • Shea Butter Stuntin’ – The unsung heroes of the week.
  • Shea Butter Get Ya Fits Right – Best dressed Delegates of the week.
  • Shea Butter Jackpot – The five best offensive players of the week, completing our Delegation Best XI.
  • Shea Butter Fortress – The best GK and five defensive players of the week, completing our Delegation Best XI.
  • Delegation Best XI – Shea Butter FC’s Best XI of the week (5 offensive players, 5 defensive players, 1 goalkeeper)

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