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There are many places to find women’s soccer news, but this isn’t one of them. Join Emily and Lesley of Gal Pal Sports as they share their elations and frustrations with the beautiful game… and other stuff.  If you love sports, and you have a LOT of feelings about it, Gal Pal Sports is for you

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The one where Emily learns about The Big Dig Football is Wife

Football is Wife is back with another episode! We relive the magic and emotions of the USWNT sendoff weekend for Julie Ertz and Megan Rapinoe, and look ahead to the team's bright future. We explore the NWSL Free Agency window, and have hope(??) the Red Stars retain their talent, and we revisit the NWSL Boston Stadium parking situation to ask, has there ever been a good shuttle? Plus! We take Herve Renard to the trash for his remarks on the Spanish Players' federation fight, and award the Sportsmanship of the week to two legends of sport. Follow us @galpalsports across social media to stay in touch! — Send in a voice message:

Carolyn Needles


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