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SBFC Superlative from NWSL Matchday 8 of 20

(Matchday 8 of 20, ending June 19, 2022)

  • Shea Butter Bomb💣💢: Trinity Rodman  and Nichelle Prince
  • Shea Butter Boom🧨💥 :Sophia  Smith (times two)
  • Shea Butter Dime🤑💫:Jessica McDonald  and Yazmeen Ryan x2
  • Shea Butter And 1😌☝🏾: Debinha
  • Shea Butter Brick🧱🛑Naomi GIRMA
  • Shea Butter Mic Check🎤🎶😱: Tziarra King
  • Shea Butter Heat Check 🥵Naomi Girma
  • Shea Butter Stuntin: Tziarra King, Briana Pinto,Elyse  Bennett (had a dime)
  • Shea Butter FC Furniture Movin 🪑🛋🚽🛏🧺🪤g: Mal  Pugh vs Current Delegation, Naomi Girma vs Gotham Delegation
  • Shea Butter Scurry🧱🧤: Adriana  Franch double save off a Mal  Pugh breakaway
  • Shea Butter Fortress (Defensive Team of the week)
    • World Class Centerback Alana Cook,  Madison Hammond, Toni Pressley (stepping up post-game), 
  • Shea Butter Jackpot(Offensive Team of the week)5️⃣💰
    • Jessica McDonald, Trinity Rodman, Sophia Smith,Yazmeen Ryan, Mal Pugh
  • Shea Butter Get Ya Fits Right5️⃣🧱: Trinity Rodman

Player of the Week: Jessica McDonald and Sophia Smith

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