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SBFC Superlatives recognize the excellence of the SBFC Delegation locally and globally!
Terms include:
Shea Butter Bomb: 💣💢 (Big Ballin) – a goal
Shea Butter Boom: 🧨💥 (S.O.S.) – booming golazo/goal
Shea Butter Dunk: ☄️🤯
Shea Butter Banks: 🥅💫

Shea Butter Brace: 2️⃣ 2️⃣ 2️⃣ – when a Delegate or two Delegates on the same team score TWO goals
Shea Butter Hattrick: 3️⃣3️⃣3️⃣ (work in Swag Surf) – when a Delegate or three Delegates on the same team score three goals separately

Shea Butter Dime: 🤑💫 – a Delegate assisting a goal

Shea Butter Brick: 🧱🛑 – a Delegate making a defensive stop
Shea Butter Scurry: 🧱🧤 – a Delegate of the the goal keeper union making a save!

Shea Butter And 1: 😌☝🏾(Wipe Me Down) – a Delegate making moves and cooking up opponents like those throw back And1 mixtapes
Shea Butter Heat Check: 🥵 – a move displaying a Delegate is exuding brick like force and presence on the pitch
Shea Butter Mic Check: 🎤🎶😱 – a Delegate’s shot off a crossbar or post, warning that they will boom or bomb soon.
Shea Butter Furniture Movin’: 🪑🛋🚽🛏🧺🪤 – when delegates get into spirited on the field physical interactions with other delegates like they are moving furniture.
Shea Butter Stuntin: – having a whole awesome ballin game all over the pitch.

Shea Butter Jackpot: 5️⃣💰 – OffensiveTeam of the Week!
Shea Butter Fortress: 5️⃣🧱 – Defensive Team of the Week!

SBFC Superlative from NWSL Matchday 8 of 20

(Matchday 8 of 20, ending June 19, 2022) Shea Butter Bomb💣💢: Trinity Rodman  and Nichelle Prince Shea Butter Boom🧨💥 :Sophia  Smith (times two) Shea Butter Dime🤑💫:Jessica McDonald  and Yazmeen Ryan x2 Shea Butter And 1😌☝🏾: Debinha Shea Butter Brick🧱🛑:  Naomi GIRMA Shea Butter Mic Check🎤🎶😱: Tziarra King Shea Butter Heat Check 🥵:  Naomi Girma Shea…

SBFC Superlatives from Episode 50

Week 5 of MatchDay 5 ending 5/30/2022 Shea Butter Bomb 💣💢 (Big Ballin): Ify Onumonu Shea Butter Boom ðŸ§¨ðŸ’¥ (S.O.S.) : Trinity Rodman Shea Butter Dime  ðŸ¤‘💫: Midge Purce Shea Butter And 1😌☝🏾 Sophia Smith Shea Butter Brick🧱🛑: World Class Center Back Alana Cook, Estelle Johnson, Imani Dorsey Shea Butter Scurry🧱🧤: Adriana “AD” Franch Shea Butter…


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