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SBFC Superlatives from Episode 50

Week 5 of MatchDay 5 ending 5/30/2022

  • Shea Butter Bomb 💣💢 (Big Ballin): Ify Onumonu
  • Shea Butter Boom 🧨💥 (S.O.S.) : Trinity Rodman
  • Shea Butter Dime  🤑💫: Midge Purce
  • Shea Butter And 1😌☝🏾 Sophia Smith
  • Shea Butter Brick🧱🛑: World Class Center Back Alana Cook, Estelle Johnson, Imani Dorsey
  • Shea Butter Scurry🧱🧤: Adriana “AD Franch
  • Shea Butter Mic Check🎤🎶😱: Christen Press
  • Shea Butter Heat Check🥵: World Class Center Back Alana Cook
  • Shea Butter Stuntin : Amirah Ali , Sydney Leroux, Simone Charley, Christen Press
  • Shea Butter FC Furniture Moving🪑🛋🚽🛏🧺 Simone Charley vs Estelle Johnson & Imani Dorsey then Midge Purce vs Christen Press
  • (New) Shea Butter Fortress (Defensive Team of the week)5️⃣🧱:
    • World Class Center Back Alana, Imani Dorsey, Estelle Johnson, Desiree Scott, Sofia Huerta (Shea Butter Adjacent)
  • (New) Shea Butter Jackpot (Offensive Team of the week)5️⃣💰: 
    • Trinity Rodman, Sophia Smith, Mal Pugh, Midge Purce, Ify Onumonu
  • Shea Butter Get Ya Fits Right: Sydney Leroux
  • Player of the Week: World Class Centerback Alana Cook
  • Also AD on her 100 now 101 caps,  Kristen Edmonds reached her 100 caps. LoBeau LaBonta hit 100 (Shea Butter adjacent)

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