Christen Press as Chicago Red Star Legend

Episode 28: Chicken, Turkey, Rabbit, YOU NAME IT!!! (SBFC x DU Crossover, Pt2)

Christen Press as Chicago Red Star Legend

“..Chicken, Turkey, Rabbit… YOU NAME IT” (SBFC x DU Crossover , Pt2)

Due to the NWSL’s refusal to stop acting a fool in public, we had way too much to talk about alone so you know we had to crossover! So we, Skye and Sylvs of Shea Butter FC linked up with Courtney & André of Diaspora United! (or, per Coach Courtney’s instructions request & our endless support as her hype team, ahem …Coach Stith & André the Giant)

In Part 2,of Episode 28 or “..Chicken, Turkey, Rabbit… YOU NAME IT” (SBFC x DU Crossover , Pt2) , we enter the SBFC Sanctuary to discuss the fallout of the investigative report on Rory Dames by Molly Hensley-Clancy, that highlighted multiple complaints of misconduct of Dames from many Red Stars players past and present including Christen Press, Jen Hoy and Sam Johnson, and as a result we also call out the US Soccer Federation and Jill Ellis. We explore the Angel City FC and San Diego Wave FC contributions to “Get Ya Fit Right” in the form of Kits and Promos. We give our collective thoughts on the NWSL End of Season Awards results and then analyze the SBFC Holiday Meal Best XI. We close it all out with the Turn Ups and Quiet Storms providing everyone with their good musical vibes of Yesterday and Today for this week’s edition Hits and Rifts!
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(Don’t forget to check out Part 1 of this crossover ep, where we discuss NWSL Championship and all the greatness, anticipation of the Becky and Lynn all the youth of the USWNT playing friendlies downunder, Talking End of the Year Melanated Best XIs, and get into Rants and Raves or Heated and Hype and soooo much more…)

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