Mariah Lee Episode 34 cover

Episode 34: Soccer, She Wrote ft Mariah Lee

Mariah Lee Episode 34 cover

Welcome to Episode 34 of Shea Butter FC, the podcast by, for, and about Black women in soccer, featuring your hosts Skye and Sylvs.

This week we talk with Mariah Lee of FC Nordsjaelland, and fellow 2Cents FC family. We explore SBFC Brown Sugar, but Soccer, where we will explore what made Mariah fall in love with soccer and follow her career to date. In SBFC CrossOver, we explore the beauty of the marriage between basketball and soccer and how it can be transformative to the game. We also bring you Pimp My Squad and Get Ya Fits Right, which explore Black Culture and Soccer. Then, we delve into Shea Butter Freestyle where we explore more about Mariah’s interests off the pitch. Finally we end with our Hits and Riffs and Shoutouts for the week!

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