Samantha Dream Johnson for Ep 38

Episode 38: I’m Real: Teach the Children Tactics and Edge Control

Samantha Dream Johnson for Ep 38

Welcome to Episode 38 of Shea Butter FC, the podcast by, for, and about Black women in soccer, featuring your hosts Skye and Sylvs.

This week we welcome Sam Johnson and Ty Phillps (briefly) to the SBFC universe. In SheaButter Tailgate we talk to Sam about European soccer and her journey through the game. Next, we talk about Shea Butter Get Ya Fits Right and the intersection of fashion and soccer. In Shea Butter Word on the Street, we learn about Sam’s passion for education. And finally we give you Shea Butter Freestyles and bring you our Hits and Riffs, and shout outs of the week!

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