Episode 60: America Has A Problem *Queue Beyoncé* (Pt2 w/ Diaspora United)

Episode 60: America Has A Problem *Queue Beyoncé*

Welcome to Episode 60  of Shea Butter FC, a podcast by, for and about Black women in football featuring your hosts, Skye and Sylvs.
This week we are back with another crossover with the tallest people of WOSO! Shenanigans were afoot, so we had to reflect and chop it up with Courtney and André of Diaspora United!

 In this episode, we open the Shea Butter FC Library/ Reading Room to swing all the doors open of the Shea Butter FC Sanctuary to discuss the ramifications of the multiple racist incidents within soccer globally and domestically. During this deep dive into America soccer’s biggest problem, we explore team responsibility over fan culture and providing a safe in-game experience. We also explore some of our favorite plays from the Shea Butter FC Delegation from across all the active leagues in WOSO, and delve into a collaborative edition of our SBFC Superlatives of the week. Lastly, we drop our collective Hit and Rifts of the week and drop a little bit of karaoke that may be off key!.  Join us for another wide ranging, emotional and  entertaining crossover with our family at Diaspora United. 

.Also be sure to check out part1 on the Diaspora United feed for the rest of the conversation where we discuss NWSL playoff chaos, Goin In on the upcoming WOSO reports and E60 documentary and an exciting edition of  Heated and Hyped ! Check it out!

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Also much love and appreciation to KC Nevijay for letting us use some of his beats and mixes within this episode and many of our episodes. Peep his other work at YouTube Channel @ KC Nevijay

Photos used in this episode features portions of photos highlighting celebrations of , Angel City FC forwards Jasmyne Spencer and Simone Charley as taken by Raul Romero Jr., and San Diego Wave’s forward Jaedyn Shaw as taken by Kelvin Kuo.

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